Guruvayur temple

 Guruvayur temple
Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Krishna, This temple located
in the town of Guruvayur in Thrissur Kerala,India.This historic temple is shrouded in mystery. 
the temple is the creation of Guru, the preceptor of the Gods, and Vayu, God of the winds.
The eastern NADA is the main entrance to the shrine. In the Chuttambalam is the tall 33.5 m
high gold plated Dwajasthambam. There is also a 7 meter high Deepasthambam,whose thirteen
circular receptacles provide a truly very attractive.spectacle when lit. The square Sreekovil
is the sacred sanctum sanctorum of the temple,housing the main deity. Within the temple there
are also the images of Ganapathy, Lord Ayyappa and Edathedathu Kavil Bhagavathy. people make
an astonishing range of offerings here to the Lord. One of the most popular offerings is the
Thulabharam, where Synonyms are weighed against bananas, sugar, jaggery and coconuts equivalent
to their weight.Only Hindus are allowed inside the temple.


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