Mammiyoor Temple

 Mammiyoor Temple

Guruvayoor in Chavakkad Taluk in Thrissur District of Kerala whereby Sree Mammiyur Devaswom situates was a neighborhood of Ponnani Taluk beneath the erstwhile Malabar District of Madras. The history of Kerala tells the stories of the invasion of Hyder Ali and Tippu swayer and therefore the destruction of a decent variety of temples in Kerala together with the Guruvayoor and Mammiyur Temples. resulting in the defeat of Tippu swayer in 1792 AD, the Zamorin Raja of Kozhikode may regain his dominance over the region together with the Temples in Guruvayoor. Sree Mammiyur Temple was brought beneath the territory and management of the Eralpad Raja, the second sthani Raja in Zamorin�s family. once the Madras HRE Board came into existence Turkish monetary unit Madras HRE Act II of 1927, the Temple came beneath the superior management of the Madras 60 minutesE Board and transitionally beneath the Madras 60 minutes & atomic number 58 Act 1951 and more beneath the HR & atomic number 58 (Admn) Dept, Kozhikode since the formation of Kerala in 1956.

however, throughout the course of your time and because of varied social legislations and lack of correct administration, the Temple got into a poor state of affairs and thus a committee consisting of the distinguished native devotees was recognized within the year 1960-61 for the event activities in Temple. They beneath took varied development programs and completed the renovation work and eventually conducted a Naveekaranakalasam in 1996.

within the mean solar time, a theme of administration was framed by the 60 minutes & atomic number 58 Department within the year 1991 and therefore the administration was brought into a Board of Trustees and therefore the day to day administration was organized to be dole out by AN military officer appointed by the Department. The Athirudhra Mahayagnam conducted within the temple directly by Devaswom in 1997 was a turning purpose and therefore the temple has currently changed into an excellent sacred writing and practice center and has achieved the standing of a distinguished Mahakshetra all told respects.

The Hindu spiritual and Charitable Endowments (Administration) Department beneath the govt. of Kerala was replaced and therefore the Malabar Devaswom Board came into existence on second October 2008. currently, this Temple is coming back beneath the Malabar Devaswom Board having Head quarters at Kozhikode. The day to day administration is dole out by the chief Officer appointed by the Malabar Devaswom Board.

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