Nalambala Darshanam

Guruvayur Package





Force Traveller 9 Seater or 12 Seater A/C& Non A/C


Force Traveller 17 Seater A/C& Non A/C


Nalambalam Darshanam We Taxi in Thrissur is a Leading Taxi service in Thrissur. We offer you complete comfortable convenient and safe journey for nalambala darsanam . Our company provides best customer service and our cabs are operated by professional trained drivers. We promise you will happy with our service and budget. These all together makes are company the best in service . Nalambalam Darshanam starts on every year during the malayalam month of karkidakam. According to Hindu belief, there is a vast importance to offer prayers at the nalambhalam. The four sons of king Dhasaratha (Rama,Bharatha,Lakshmana and Shatrugna) is workshiped in four temples. It is believed that offering prayers in the four temles(nalambhala) in the month of karkidaka would help devotees to tide over the difficulties of karlidakam.