Athirapally Waterfalls

 Athirapally Waterfalls

At a distance of thirty-two metric linear unit from Chalakudy, seventy three metric linear unit from Kochi, fifty nine metric linear unit from Thrissur, one hundred metric linear unit from Munnar, 122 metric linear unit from Kottayam, one hundred seventy metric linear unit from Kozhikode, 174 metric linear unit from Coimbatore
& 269 metric linear unit from Trivandrum, Athirapally Waterfalls are one in every of the simplest waterfalls in Republic of India and one in every of the foremost known tourer places in Kerala & one in every of the favored weekend getaways from Kochi, Coimbatore & Munnar. These ar brilliant waterfalls on Chalakudy
watercourse placed at the doorway to Sholayar hill direct Thrissur district.This body of water drops from a height of eighty feet through many parallel streams providing a good scenic beauty. In monsoon season, the water gets strength and every one the streams be part of along and seem like Niagara Falls. this can be the most important waterfalls in Kerala and standard for its scenic beauty.One will reach high of Athirapally falls with regarding quarter-hour walk from the falls entrance. It offers spectacular reads of the Sholayar hills and a singular view of the waterfalls from this spot. regarding 10-15 minutes trek down from high of thefalls can take you to bottom of the falls wherever the best fantastic thing about the waterfalls is knowledgeable. Swimming is feasible within the stream inside of the Athirapally falls.Down from the body of water, the stream continues as Chalakudy watercourse that ultimately drains into sea. This watercourse could be a bio diversity hotspot with eighty-five species of water fish living in it. The Athirapally Forest is additionally the natural surroundings of various species just like the nice
coraciiform bird, Malabar particoloured coraciiform bird, Malabar gray coraciiform bird, Indian gray coraciiform bird, Asiatic elephant, tiger, leopard, bison, deer and lion-tailed catarrhine.The Vazhachal Waterfalls, Charpa Falls, Anakkayam, Sholayar Dam, Valparai and Malayattur life Sanctuary ar the close places to go to in Athirapally. It additionally offers journey activities like watercourse rafting, trekking, etc.Chalakudy (32 km) is that the nearest junction to Athirapally and it’s connected by bus with Thrissur (55 km), Kochi (73 km) and Palakkad (110 km). One will take a public/private vehicle from Chalakudy to succeed in Athirapally. poultry landing field is that the nearest landing field to Athirapally that is forty metric linear unit away. Kochi and Thrissur ar 2 major railways junctions close. the closest train station is Chalakudy train station at thirty-two metric linear unit from Athirapally.Munnar is regarding one hundred metric linear unit from  Athirapally. If you’re movement from Kochi to Munnar, you’ll be able to visit Athirapally if you’ll be able to dedicate three further hours (Kochi – Munnar is a hundred and twenty metric linear unit and Kochi- Athirapally-Munnar is one hundred seventy km).Athirapally falls ne’er dries out and might be visited anytime throughout the year. although the body of water seems in its full glory throughout monsoons, serious rains will cause nice inconvenience. So, the simplest time to go to is from Sept to January. it always takes 2-3 hours to explore Athirappally falls.

Timings: eight AM to five PM
Timings: 8 AM to 5 PM

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